Grover Gaming is a privately owned company that evolved from the success of a gaming route started in 2003 by owner Garrett Blackwelder. The team assembled since 2003 continues to grow and adapt to the ever changing gaming environments across the globe while serving Lotteries, Charitable Gaming, and other niche gaming markets.


We exist to provide Entertaining Gaming Experiences through a team committed to growth and progress.


Passion - Doing our best with a positive attitude

Adaptability - Being able to change while maintaining effectiveness

Reliability - Consistently fulfilling our roles on the team

Teamwork - Trust, Healthy Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results


To build a strong foundation of humble, passionate people, effective processes, and superior products.


Grover Gaming's 8,300 square foot open office area is designed to encourage collaboration, in all its forms: mentoring, problem solving, routine communication and information sharing. The building is complete with an open coffee bar, a second floor kitchen and lounge, and a full gym/recreational area to promote healthy employee lifestyles. A courtyard between the two buildings will accommodate a seating area and grill, creating a relaxing setting to unwind and socialize when the weather's too nice to stay indoors.

Interested in career opportunities with Grover Gaming? Take a look at our CAREERS page.